Confirmed Speakers

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Accessibility to Education and Life Long Learning

Design for all

Health Economics

  • Brian Lamb OBE, Visiting Professor Derby University, Chair of the Action Group on Adult Cochlear Implantation (UK) and associate with the Ear Foundation: The Real Cost of Hearing Loss - Why investing in hearing technology improves lives and saves society money
  • Antti Aarnisalo (Finland): Chidren and Young People/CI
  • Sari Mykkänen (Finland): Adults /CI
  • Aarno Dietz : Seniors/CI


Music and Cognitive Development

Peer Support and Rehabilitation

  • Heidi Olze, MD, PhD, Professor in ORL, Director of ENT Department, Charité- Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany): Changes in the quality of life and tinnitus-related distress following cochlear implantation – a study of aged generation
  • Ann-Charlotte Gyllenram, President, Barnplantorna (Sweden): Family Intervention in a new era