Induction loopsystem is available in all 3 rooms on both days.

Programme Thursday 20 April 2017

EURO-CIU Symposium Thursday 20 April 2017 in Helsinki - preliminary schedule (there may be still some changes)
Time / RoomAuditorium
(Lectures in Finnish or English. Simultaneous and text interpreting available in FIN <-> ENG)
(Lectures in Finnish, text interpretation in Finnish)
(Lectures only in ENG + English text interpretation available)
9:30-10:00Opening words: PIRKKO MATTILA, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, LapCI ry and Kuuloliitto ry--
Why and how music can help the brain to develop?
(In Finnish, simultaneous interpreting in English)
10:30-11:00ÅSA PALVIAINEN: The Multilingual Turn: Current issues in research on multilingualism
(In English, simultaneous interpreting in Finnish)
-10:30-11:00RITVA TORPPA: Music for better spoken language skills of children with CIs
11:00-11:15SHORT BREAK 15 minSHORT BREAK 15 min11:00-11:15SHORT BREAK 15 min
11:15-11:45TUULA AHLGREN: Adults Cochlear Implant rehabilitation by The Social Insurance Institution of Finland
(In Finnish, simultaneous interpreting in English)
TAINA VÄLIMAA: Early vocabulary growth in children with cochlear implants: early signs and spoken words11:15-11:45RITVA TORPPA: Workshop: Towards better perception of pitch and prosody, language and singing skills!
11:45-12:15OLLI VESTERINEN: Crossing Boundaries in Learning
(In Finnish, simultaneous interpreting in English)
LAURA KANTO: Simultaneous acquisition of sign language and spoken language forms a special type of bimodal bilingualism
11:45-12:15ULLA SERGEJEFF: Music groups for hearing impaired children in Finland
12:15-13:15LUNCH BREAK 60 minLUNCH BREAK 60 minLUNCH BREAK 60 minLUNCH BREAK 60 min
13:15-13:45Cochlear Implant manufacturers 15 min presentations (Cochlear and MED-EL)
(In Finnish, simultaneous interpreting in English)
JORMA KAARELA: How does Sennheiser CinemaConnect support the accessibility at the movie theaters?13:15-14:00 (45 min)ELISA SEPPÄNEN: Music play school activities and their theoretical background.
13:45-14:15ANN-CHARLOTTE GYLLENRAM: Family Intervention in a New Era
(In English, simultaneous interpreting in Finnish)
KRISTIINA PITKÄNEN: Valteri Services in Supporting Learning and School Attendance (1 h!)14:00-14:30RUSS PALMER: Musical experiences using cochlear implants (CI)
14:15-14:45EILA LONKA: Outcomes of cochlear implantation in Finnish adults quality of life
(In Finnish, simultaneous interpreting in English)
KRISTIINA PITKÄNEN: Valteri Services in Supporting Learning and School Attendance (1 h!)14:30-14:45COFFEE BREAK 30 min
14:45-15:15COFFEE BREAK 30 minCOFFEE BREAK 30 min14:45-15:45 (60 minutes)SUVI PITKOLA & INGO STEINBACH: Workshop: Music and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Kuuloliitto ry
(15 min)
MARIANNE RINTALA: What's up with LapCI? (15 min)
Peer support from hospital point of view (FIN)
15:45-16:15VALERIE LOOI: Pitch Perception Training for Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients: What have we learnt, and how can we apply it to pediatric recipients?
(In English, simultaneous interpreting in Finnish)
ILONA MAULA-TERVO & ANNIINA LAVIKAINEN: Peer support project and study in Kuuloliitto (FIN)
16:15-16:30Closing words DAY 1: VESA KURIKKA, STEA--
18:15-Sightseeing transportation to restaurant Sipuli, small Helsinki sightseeing tour in same trip.
19:30-Dinner and program in Helsinki City Center in restaurant Sipuli, dinner cards 70 € / person
22:45Transportation from restaurant Sipuli to the Light House

We will enjoy a relaxing dinner together at restaurant Sipuli with 3-course meal plus wine. Please remember to add this option when you register to the event.

Programme Friday 21 April 2017

EURO-CIU Symposium Friday 21 April 2017 in Helsinki - preliminary schedule (there may be still some changes)
Time / RoomAuditorium
(simultaneous and text interpreting available in FIN <-> ENG)
Lectures in English and English text interpretation available
(Lectures only in ENG + English text interpretation available)
9:00-9:20Opening words: TERESA AMAT (EURO-CIU president), LapCI ry and Kuuloliitto ry
9:20-9:50JOHANNA PÄTZOLD: The potential Benefit of including Music into CI (Re-) Habilitation
9:50-10:35KATHRYN CROWE: Hei! 你好! !مرحبا: Language acquisition in a multilingual world10:00-10:30-TOM CAMPBELL: Spatialisation via objective interaural electrode pairing:
Directions for speech-in-noise and music perception
10:35-10:45Short break 10 min10:30-10:45Short break 15 minShort break 15 min
10:45-11:15RITVA TAKKINEN: A spoken language and a sign language as language resources of children using
cochlear implants
10:45-11:15PÄIVI RAINO: kirjoitustulkkaus ja puheentunnistus tukemassa kielellistä saavutettavuutta (?)RESONAARI: Making music learning accessible
11:15-11:45NIKLAS WENMAN: Cochlear implant gives strenght - the story of my own life11:15-11:45JUHA NIKULA: HereUhear; Assistive listening systems, how to find the qualified venues and seats?- " -
11:45-12:15PEKKA RISSANEN: What is known of economics of Cochlear Implantation?11:45-12:15JAANA JOKITULPPO: Good acoustic conditions for unimpaired hearingBJÖRN PETERSEN: Musical Ear Training Through Active Music Making in Adult and Adolescent CI Users
12:15-13:15LUNCH BREAK 60 min12:15-13:15LUNCH BREAK 60 minLUNCH BREAK 60 min
13:15-13:45ANTTI AARNISALO: Rehabilitation of CI-children and -youth13:15-13:45JOHANNA PÄTZOLD: Singing workshop for adults with CIs
13:45-14:15SARI MYKKÄNEN: CI for working-aged hearing-impaired adults, indications, results and some thoughts about the future
RIITTA LAHTINEN & SANNA NUUTINEN: CI and haptices (touch messages) in everyday life and rehabilitationBJÖRN PETERSEN: Rap workshop
13:55-14:25CANCELLED HEIDI OLZE: Changes in the quality of life and tinnitus-related distress following cochlear implantation – a study of aged generation14:15-15:00COFFEE BREAK AND POSTERS 45 minCOFFEE BREAK AND POSTERS 45 min
14:15-15:00COFFEE BREAK AND POSTERS 45 min15:00-15:30VILLE SIVONEN: Sequential bilateral cochlear implantation in working-age adultsTEPPO SÄRKÄMÖ: The power of music at older age
15:00-15:30AARNO DIETZ: Cochlear Implantation: Have we reached the ceiling?15:30-16:00-HEINI SILTAINSUU: Workshop: FeelingMusic: Musical activities for older people with hearing impairments /Työpaja: TunneMusiikki: Musiikkitoimintoja ikääntyneille kuulovammaisille
15:30-16:00BRIAN LAMB: The Real Cost of Hearing Loss – Why investing in hearing technology improves lives and saves society money--
16:00-16:30Music performance by The LapCI-band
and closing words by:
Ulla Konkarikoski & Leena Hasselman /LapCI ry
and Pekka Lapinleimu /Kuuloliitto ry


The Programme in the Auditorium will be LIVESTREAMED on both days. You can follow the stream online by paying 50 euros. Send email to and you will receive payment instructions and the link. There is no interpretation in the live stream.


22nd April 2017
EURO-CIU General Assembly 2017. GA is meant for EURO-CIU members.

  • Official General Assembly languages are: English, German and French.
    • Text interpreting is available in English.
    • Induction loopsystem is available.