Guidelines for posters

Guidelines for posters

Please submit the abstracts in Word format here: Max one page.
Please submit the abstracts before 20th February.
The decisions will come latest 12th March.

Please mention the topic your poster is related to: Health Economics, Accessibility to Education and Life-Long Learning, Multilingualism, Peer Support and Rehabilitation, Design for All or to Music and Cognitive Development. Or if it is about presenting an organization.

Registration fee -50% for the professional poster-presenters:

  • 2 days 125 euros
  • 1 day 90 euros

Student fees (show valid student card at reception):

  • 2 days 90 euros
  • 1 day 65 euros

Include into abstract these details:

  • Title
  • Your name(s) and affiliations
  • Abstract

Max one page (Calibri, 11pt, line spacing 1), including references (not compulsatory). We will add Finnish translation of your abstract to the program of the symposium if this is ok for you (please inform us if you do not allow translation).

The format of your possible references:
Torppa, R., Faulkner, A., Huotilainen, M., Järvikivi, J., Lipsanen, J., Laasonen, M., & Vainio, M. (2014).
The perception of prosody and associated auditory cues in early-implanted children: The role of
auditory working memory and musical activities. International Journal of Audiology, 53, 1821–91.
Moore, B. C. J. (2003b). An introduction to the psychology of hearing. London, UK: Academic Press.

The final poster

Poster size is A1, vertical. Bring it with you to the Symposium.

The posters will be placed in the conference hall during both days (Thursday, April 20th and Friday, April 21th) for informal viewing. Poster presenters are required to be by their posters during the Poster Sessions (please see the updated schedule of the symposium).

The posters have to be removed before the end of the Symposium.

Poster boards and pins/tape will be provided by the organizers.